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About Global Growth Hub

Global Growth Hub provides training, programme development and market access initiatives to entrepreneurial programme providers worldwide. Our expertise includes startup programmes, ecosystem development, venture capital, corporate innovation and internationalisation. In total, the founders of GGH have worked on a wide range of venture initiatives in over 30 countries.

Our programmes focus on the creation of successful companies with the potential to scale. To that end, we blend the best tools, techniques, and strategies and tailor those to the local marketplace. GGH works with both technology and non-tech businesses as we recognise that exciting things come from creating extraordinary value, and that value comes from a wide variety of people, places, and ideas.

We provide programmes and services to startup ecosystems around the world. In 2019 Global Growth Hub supported entrepreneurs in over 15 countries, supporting high-growth tech firms, women founders, investors, refugee entrepreneurs and many others.

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Our world: The founders at Global Growth Hub have supported entrepreneurs and programmes all over the world.

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